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SYSTAT Services a full service organization offering 24-hour emergency repair service, on-site analysis, specialized testing, preventive maintenance, and project mamgement services. If uptime is an important part of your business, please consider SYSTAT Services before disaster hits.

Protect Your Investment

Critical air and power equipment represents a significant investment by your company to protect sensitive computer equipment and facility loads. Regular service insures peak performance under actual conditions for the life of the equipment.

SYSTAT Service and Maintenance Assures:
  • Increased system reliability and availability.
  • Another layer of redundancy by combining industry-leading service with industry-leading equipment.
  • Extended life cycle of critical air and power systems, optimizing capital expenditure, aiding in budget prepararion and promoting fiscal responsibility.
  • Control over your business environment - proactive rather than reactive risk management.

Downtime is Unacceptable

Data loss, interrupted server access, loss of power or loss of environmental control for mission critical operations is unacceptable in today's business environment. Even the shortest intervall of downtime can have a negative impact on business. To ensure reliable, trouble-free operation, it is important that these systems be regularly serviced during and after installation.

Don't juggle multiple maintenance contracts and service technicians. This situation can lead to cumbersome gray areas of responsibility that can signficantly increase cost.

Instead choose a reliable, full service provider; one company which has the industry experience, trained personnel, and commitment to customer satisfaction necessary to get the job done right the first time - every time.

Rely On The Experts

Consider SYSTAT your SYStems Technical Action Team. We are trained experts committed to providing you with the most responsive service and comprehensive maintenance programs in the industry…at a reasonable cost.

Headquartered in Northern California, SYSTAT delivers nationwide critical systems coverage 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. SYSTAT has earned a reputation as a trusted expert in the areas of repairing, maintaining, monitoring and analyzing air and power protection systems.

Our “One Call Does [actually spelled DOSE on site] All” approach to customer service makes SYSTAT a company you can trust, one sensitive to your needs and easy to do business with. Since we service all major brands, we give you an honest and unbiased assessment of the operational readiness of your air and power protection systems.